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Judo is an Olympic sport which originated in Japan that develops self-defence skills in addition to sporting skills. It is a combat sport where opponents compete against each other by attempting to throw from a standing position to the ground or when on the ground by pinning their opponents and, at advanced levels, applying armlocks and strangles.


Judo in Auckland

 Judo Auckland is responsible for the promotion and administration of judo in the Auckland and Northland regions. The association was established in the 1950's, although judo had existed in Auckland for some time before that after New Zealand's first judo club Judokwai was established in 1948 by english immigrant George Grundy.

Judo Auckland run several competitions every year, along with a number of other competitions run by some of our member clubs. We also assist the development of judo in the region by running referee seminars and coaching courses in conjunction with Judo New Zealand.

Judo Auckland is affiliated to Judo New Zealand who are the governing body for judo in New Zealand, which links us to judo around the world through the Oceania Judo Union and International Judo Federation.

Auckland Judo Association

logonzJudo Auckland (also known as Auckland Judo Association Incorporated) is responsible for governing and promoting judo throughout the greater Auckland and Northland Regions. We are affiliated to Judo New Zealand, the national body for judo in New Zealand.

Please have a look around our site and feel free to contact any of our officers or member clubs for more information about judo in Auckland.


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